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  1. Anyone ever see the short-lived Sitcom-CPO sharkey with
  2. The Black Guy who was one of the main characters on CPO Sharkey, is in a Military
  3. Did Anyone else think "CPO Sharkey" was funny?
  4. Sharkey getting attacked by Punk Rockers
  5. Didn't this show change direction in mid-season?
  7. Don Rickles TV commercial
  8. The number of votes for this show on tvshowsondvd.com is...........
  9. The best shot to get this show on DVD is...
  10. Finally have all episodes of CPO Sharkey on VHS
  11. Check out this website for C.P.O Sharkey
  12. Go the TV Land Suggestions Board
  13. Have All Episodes From 1991 "Dishonorable Discharge" Marathon
  14. W.J. Griffin this question is for you whenever you come back to the Board
  15. Was Don Rickles more or less doing his act was was he acting?
  16. Wish this Show came along when Sanford and Son was a Hit
  17. Gilligan Fanatic, what do you think of this Criticism by New York Times Critic
  18. Don Ricles on the Letterman Show from 1983
  19. Elizabeth Allen (Captain Quinlan) Has Died.
  20. Gilligan Fanatic, Just wanted to let you that Charlotte Rae guest starred in one of
  21. Matt once you start watching the show, you will realize that the best parts of the
  22. Don Rickles on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  23. Good Times characters spotted on CPO Sharkey
  24. Solomon, you may find this interesting
  25. New Don Rickles Documentary
  26. Matt, that same Spanish Guy that was on Sanford and Son was on CPO SHarkey saying the
  27. Hey Matt, remember Bernice, the Heavy woman chasing Jack on Three's Company?
  28. Solomon, I am a step closer to finding his 1972 sitcom
  29. Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, Dec 2nd On HBO
  30. Was it true this show was similar to Mchale's Navy?
  31. The Closing Credits of CPO Sharkey is similar to the Opening Credits of Gomer Pyle
  32. Another Similarity to Gomer Pyle is the Tall Goofy White Guy on the TV Guide cover
  33. CPO Sharkey gets mentioned at the TV Land Awards
  34. Episode Guide
  35. Mlingerfelt did you notice this from watching CPO Sharkey?
  36. i found 2 eps on youtube
  37. Happy 84th Birthday to Don Rickles!
  38. Do You Think 'CPO Sharkey' Failed Because Don Rickels Was Unlikable?
  39. Unexpecred History Lesson fron CPO Sharkey Today about Taco Bell-lol
  40. Happy 85th Birthday to Don Rickles!!!
  41. Don Ricklesí Only Son Larry Rickles Dies at 41
  42. Don Rickles to Be Honored With Johnny Carson Award
  43. Happy 86th Birthday to Don Rickles!
  44. Sadly this show will be forgotten and lost forever in 10 years since.....
  45. 86 Year Old Comedian Don Rickles In "Hot Water" Over An Obama Joke
  46. 22 years in a row this show has been out of syndication, maybe Antenna TV??
  47. Johnny Carson guest appearance on CPO Sharkey
  48. Don Rickles meets Superman
  49. The show is now available to be seen for diehard fans and it is
  50. Finally this show is being released on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. Just realized that only season 1 being released on DVD on May 19th
  52. Peter Isacksen on Stu's Show Now
  53. Best Episodes
  54. Had no idea this show was complete on DVD
  55. Don Rickles (1926-2017)