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  1. I thought the beginning of this was funny!
  2. If able to work would Dick York have been offered a new contract after Season 5?
  3. The "A" thing
  4. Funnyest Dick Sargent moments
  5. CBS Conjuring Up Bewitched Remake
  6. Season 9 episode ideas
  7. Serena and Samantha As Little Kids?
  8. The Bewitched theme song - in a METAL mood!!
  9. The Bewitched Statue in Salem, Massachusetts is Ugly?!?
  10. Happy Birthday to the Late Dick York!
  11. A little bit of magic
  12. Which Bewitched home decor era was your favorite?
  13. What If
  14. In the episodes with Dick Sargent as Darrin #2-
  15. The "Bewitched"/"Dennis the Menace" connection-
  16. Hey Larry Tate,have YOU heard anything about CBS planning -
  17. Poor Dick Sargent...
  18. I have 16 episodes W/O/C and am looking for more
  19. Going My Way
  20. Anyone EVER seen this video?
  21. Mrs Peabody
  22. Bewitched actual bloopers and behind the scenes
  23. Bewitched Helloween Episodes
  24. Wanted This Photo of Elizabeth Montgomery
  25. The Stevens' Christmas Trees
  26. Elizabeth Montgomery's Bewitching Home For Sale
  27. The Pros & Cons Of 'Bewitched' Remake in 2012
  28. January 10, 1982
  29. On This Date in 'Bewitched' History: Tabitha Was Born!
  30. New Bewitched book coming in May! (tentatively)
  31. Bewitched Season 7 Orange Cover
  32. The Stephens family autos
  33. The Grey scaled B/W Bewitched DVD sets the first Two seasons
  34. Remakes?????...........What Remakes????
  35. Are the S1 & S2 colorized sets edited for time?
  36. First season episode-"Your Witch is Showing"-
  37. During the Dick York as Darrin years-
  38. Season one episode with Dick York as Darrin-"It's Magic"
  39. Opposite thread.
  40. First season episode-"Eat at Marios"--
  41. First season episode-"Cousin Edgar"(1965)
  42. Pandora Spocks
  43. "Nobody But A Frog Knows How To Live" question
  44. 40 Years Ago Today: 'Bewitched' Cast Its Last Spell
  45. Episode #4 -"Mother,Meet What's His Name"-
  46. Today would've been Liz Montgomery's 79th birthday
  47. Happy Birthday to the Late Dick Sargent!
  48. New Elizabeth Montgomery Biography to be released
  49. fairytale Episodes
  50. Is it just me
  51. Lindsay Workman [Dr. Koblin] 1924-2012
  52. Liz!
  53. Bewitched-a Jewish allegory
  54. WTD: The Joey Bishop Talk show Elizabeth Montgomery Guest appearance Dec.22,1967
  55. WTD: Elizabeth Montgomery on Merv Griffin Talk Show in late December,1970
  56. A post on Harpies Bizarre says that Bill Asher passed away today.
  57. Shallow Sheila
  58. Aunt Hagatha And Aunt Enchantra
  59. Ever seen Liz's house?
  60. RIP Stephen Franken (1932-2012)
  61. Where is the attraction?
  62. Witchcraft Tune-up?
  63. Bewitched Comes to Logo Starting October 14
  64. Elizabeth Montgomery as Dynasty's Krystle Carrington? It could've happened!
  65. Happy Birthday Alice Pearce
  66. Joan "Joey" Alt York (1931-2012)
  67. Dick York "People" article from 1989
  68. Dick York "People" article from 1992
  69. Dick Sargent "People" article from 1991
  70. Dick Sargent "People" article from 1994
  71. Elizabeth Montgomery "People" article from 1995
  72. Erin Murphy "People" article from 1999
  73. Custom Dick York Darrin Doll
  74. Will this eventually air on Antenna TV?
  75. Nancy Kovak
  76. Dr Bombay - Lost in Space
  77. Characters Missing From Final Season
  78. Bewitched on ME-TV
  79. Bewitched v Sabrina
  80. Funny how SOME of these houses were built
  81. Fantasy Comedy or Romance Comedy or Both
  82. "Dr. Bombay" and "Tabitha" on Howard Stern (1998)
  83. Bewitched remake?
  84. KTLA
  85. Bewitched Marathon on 1/1/13
  86. Married to a Witch!
  87. Has this ever happened to you?
  88. Perhaps Endora was Good for Darin
  89. Was Jeannie's house ever used on Bewtiched?
  90. So was the CBS reboot of Bewitched put to bed?
  91. hourglass that ran backward
  92. Jeannie and Darrin as a couple and Samantha and Tony?
  93. Working by Morning Glory Circle
  94. Dick York
  95. Weird episode titles
  96. Dick York is not gorgeous.
  97. Where did Samantha's relative's live?
  98. Funniest spells put on poor Darrin.
  99. Could Samantha's relatives get by without their powers?
  100. Hello Bewitched fans
  101. Darrin's attitude to magic
  102. Ridiculous the lot of you.
  103. How old was Samantha?
  104. The Witches' omnipotence and areas they didn't delve into
  105. Today would have been Elizabeth Montgomery's 80th birthday!!
  106. Wouldn't Maurice figure out that SOMETHING was different with Samantha's marriage?
  107. What the Hell Happened to Nicole Kidman (movie Samantha)?
  108. What do you think happened between a dissappearance and a reappreance?
  109. Why was Darrin nice to Aunt Clara but not to Esmarelda?
  110. The Witches can be hypocritical
  111. Bewitched tweaked ’60s gender roles and became one of the first feminist sitcoms
  112. Have a Merry Bewitched Blackface Christmas
  113. 18 years ago today, Elizabeth Montgomery passed away
  114. Free Seasons on Amazon
  115. RIchard Dreyfuss
  116. Bewitched movie review By The Blockbuster Buster
  117. Liz on an old western series
  118. The "Bewitched" House Today
  119. Could the Witches have helped Aunt Clara?
  120. Complete series DVD coming
  121. Who was your favorite character in bewitched?
  122. The Essential Information about THE ESSENTIAL ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY: Biography # 2
  123. Martin Milner
  124. Thomas Peak Looks Back on Bob Peak's "Bewitched" TV Guide Cover
  125. Does anyone watch My Favorite Martian?
  126. Beauty and the beast
  127. Witch Names
  128. Emmy-Winning Producer William Froug 1922-2013
  129. From TV Screen to Ranch Dreams
  130. Make up ideas for what could of been the last episode.
  131. Favourite and Least Favourite characters
  132. Bewitched Coming to Antenna TV, Launches with Marathon and They Want Your Trivia
  133. The Ho-Ho The Clown Episode from season three
  134. RIP Jane Connell
  135. Actress Jane Connell 1925-2013
  136. Bewitched Boned the Fish When...
  137. Tabitha Boned the Fish When...
  138. PARADE MAGAZINE: Vote for Your All-Time Favorite Witch - VOTE FOR SAMANTHA!!!!
  139. Who Was The Most Annoying Character on "Bewitched"?
  140. Mill Creek re-releases Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD
  141. Analyzing Bewitched
  142. Top Ten Episodes of Season One
  143. Top Ten Episodes of Season Two
  144. Top Ten Episodes of Season Three
  145. Amazon video on demand sale
  146. Top Ten Episodes of Season Four
  147. Bewitched Documentary
  148. Top Ten Episodes of Season Five
  149. Top Ten Episodes of Season Six
  151. Top Ten Episodes of Season Seven
  152. Top Eight Episodes of Season Eight
  153. New Kitchen
  154. Was Dabney Coleman in Bewitched, or am I imagining this?
  155. Recycled Plot from Season 8: Original Seen Next Week in Daytime
  156. WTD: The Third Man: Episode Man Takes a Trip, Elizabeth Montgomery on DVD
  157. So um.....did Liz say "the word" in the pilot?
  158. Antenna TV now into the Dick Sargent years
  159. Happy 50th Anniversary Bewitched!
  161. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!
  162. Secretary Betty played neighbor Florence in Love On a Rooftop
  163. Needing some Liz pics
  164. Bewitched Bloopers Page!
  165. Episode run-time
  166. Favorite Non-Darrin episode
  167. Erin Murphy To Host Antenna TV's "Bewitched" 50th Anniv. Marathon in Sept.
  168. Portrait In Bedroom
  169. The Serena Double's Face in plain Sight in several scenes!
  170. Darrin on a Pedastal
  171. Funniest Spells Casted on Darrin By Endora
  172. My Friend Ben
  173. Adam
  174. Bewitched turned 50 Yesterday
  175. Old Darrin
  176. Cast Commercial
  177. 50th Anniversary Magical Sound Effect Montage
  178. Anyone ever buy old Bewitched TV Guides?
  179. Update: NBC Orders "Bewitched" Remake Pilot Focusing on Samantha's Granddaughter
  180. was Tabitha/Erin Murphy a third wheel?
  181. Is David White (Larry Tate) underrated?
  182. Liz's looks/appearance
  183. The Originals/ The Replacements
  184. Art Linkletter's House that Liz Montgomery appeared in.
  185. Bewitched the Complete series $28.99
  186. DVD boxsets being re-released on March 17th
  187. WTD: Art Linkletter's House Party episode with Elizabeth Montgomery
  188. St. Patrick's Day episodes
  189. set question
  190. Real "Bewitched" house in Santa Monica
  191. Why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the new Bewitched
  192. Mill Creek Season 5
  193. Elizabeth Montgomery Mentioned on Maude
  194. New Bewitched Book Out
  195. Happy Birthday to you, Elizabeth!
  196. Walk of Fame Star for Dick York
  197. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
  198. 20 Years ago Liz Montgomery died
  199. Exploring the witch-fueled tourism of modern Salem
  200. Floorplans of the house
  201. Complete series rerelease promises...
  202. The Merv Griffin Show” on Sony Pictures TV’s GetTV
  203. Bewitched: Rated PG
  204. Who Was Your Favorite Member of Samantha's Family?
  205. YouTuber says Elizabeth Montgomery idolized Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam
  206. episode where things are flying around?
  207. 'Bewitched' broke ground 45 years ago
  208. Was Darrin Justified in Not Allowing Sam to Use Her Powers?
  209. Long before Bewitched, Veronica Lake brought witchcraft to the rom-com
  210. Dick york's last episode/ Dick Sargent 1st?
  211. Who was Elizabeth closest to?
  212. Ray Fulmer as the second Darrin?
  213. I'm Attempting to Watch the Entire Series on DVD!
  214. December 6: Happy Birthday Agnes Moorehead
  215. Actor Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay) 1927-2016
  216. Bewitched A-Z, continued
  217. Dick York Facial Expressions
  218. The Monkees? Seriously?
  219. Divorced?
  220. Elizabeth Montgomery ruled Chicago in one of The Untouchables’ best episodes
  221. April 15: Happy Birthday Elizabeth Montgomery
  222. 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Bewitched
  223. Antenna Mother's Day marathon
  224. Bewitched Haiku Game
  225. Did Elizabeth Montgomery get plastic surgery before Bewitched?
  226. Dick Sargent's series "One Happy Family" airing on Decades...!
  227. You see Rebecca Asher directing "Young Sheldon" the other night?
  228. Paul Lynde was 'obese and unloved' as a young man struggling with his sexuality and