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  14. If That 70's Show is popular I'll bet an 80's show will be too. I think it could...
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  16. Jami Gertz to star in NBC comedy series
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  22. when is it going to be on again?
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  45. TV ALERT: Sarah Jessica Parker Fans
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  73. Romantic Dinner.
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  76. Why did it have a such a short life??
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  79. Amy Linker on VH1's 100 Greatest Child Stars
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  83. TV NERDS: Where are they now? Lauren Hutchinson?
  84. Official DVD release of the show itself?
  85. Tracy Nelson in Nelson's "After The Rain"
  86. "Square Pegs" dvd at dvdavenue.tv...What is this?
  87. Halloween XII
  88. Top 10 Favorite Square Pegs Episodes
  89. Happy Birthday Sara Jessica Parker
  90. Square Pegs on Comcast!!!!
  91. Tracy Nelson is cute
  92. Comcast episodes may be edited
  93. Sarah Jessica Parker & Square Pegs
  94. Johnny Slash
  95. Square Pegs Complete Series On 4 DVDs for Trade
  96. Square Pegs is coming to DVD!!!!!
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  99. Anyone know what happened to Jon Caliri?
  100. Braces mistakes on DVD - on again, off again
  101. Tracy Nelson(at least I think it's her) with Scott Baio..
  102. Which singers or bands do you wish would have performed on Square Pegs?
  103. What happened to...
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