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  1. Post your all-time favorite episode here
  2. Better watch it a lot!
  3. Want a free 1/25 scale model of the "Junk Truck"? FREE??
  4. It's back!! (Atleast for a month)
  5. Nick at Night's TV Land Fandemonium Lineup
  6. TV Land
  7. Hello I'm new here at the Sanford and Son message board
  8. Aunt Esther in Church's Chicken commercials?
  9. Ross Martin
  10. Hello all Redd Foxx fans, I have an interesting
  11. Whatever happened to the actor that was Rollo?
  12. Redd Foxx on Biography on A&E
  13. Sanford and Son
  14. Post your favorite character here!
  15. What are 5 to 10 episodes that truly define the series or must include moments?
  16. TVLand/Nick At Nite Petition
  17. Lamont clergy?
  18. Just wanted to wish yall a Merry Christmas
  19. What was the best Sanford & Son spinoff?
  20. Help Me With A List of Guest Stars
  21. Question about Blind Mellow Jelly
  22. Post Your Least All Time Fave Ep Here!
  23. Post Your Least Fave Character Here!
  24. Where Did It Go?
  25. Fave Quote
  26. Laugh Track
  27. Is Sanford and Son ever comming back on TV Land?
  28. wake up!!! everyone and let's start replying.........
  29. Aunt Esther!!!!!! what is your favorite quote ?????
  30. puerto rican
  31. Not On TV Land's Fifth Anniversary Schedule
  32. Did anyone else notice?
  33. At Home With Sanford and Son !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Whitman Mayo, dead at 70, May 22...
  35. Fred's Fiancee's
  36. Sanford And Son Airdates
  37. Need Help With Airdates?
  38. theme song musicians
  39. Looking for 20 episodes from TV Land
  40. Theme song for Ericsson phone
  41. Demond Wilson and Entertainment Tonight
  42. Buy tapes or DVD's
  43. Vote for the best Sanford sitcom
  44. trades anyone?
  45. Sanford and Son on DVD
  46. sanford and son columbia house collection for sale
  47. Sanford Episode Guide????
  48. Providing Sanford Episodes
  49. Celebrities that are fans of Sanford and Son?
  50. Aunt Esther's Chitterlngs!
  51. Desperately Seeking Esther
  52. Demond Wilson
  53. Red Foxx missing from a few episodes
  54. Champagne and Ripple
  55. Episode guide
  56. Sanford and Son- Complete First Season on DVD
  57. Sanford and Son VHS.. 17 episodes each, $10 shipped
  58. Bring back "Sanford and Son" on TV Land petition
  59. The Final Episode
  60. There Is Word That Sanford And Son Is Returneing To Tv-land
  61. ...On tv...?
  62. Sanford and Son is Coming to TV Land in 2003!!
  63. An episode of S&S AND GRADY to air on TV Land Aug 27
  64. Raymond Allan/ Allan Drake
  65. Melvin
  66. Grady Spinoff
  67. How bad was Sanford and Son when Lamont and Fred
  68. Did Fred and Grady really have good chemistry?
  69. Remember Redd Foxx's The Royal Family Show?
  70. Rappers Nice & Smooth Sampled The Theme Song
  71. Do anyone know if Aunt esther and Grady came after the first season?
  72. Where can i get the episode guide for the Sanford and son spinoff-"Grady"?
  73. Sanford And Son 135 Episodes For Trade
  74. Sanford And Son Returneing To TV Land In2003
  75. Does anyone know the ratings for Sanford and son during thee 76-77 TV season?
  76. Fred and Rollo in the same room was always entertaining
  77. looking for wav files of S&S...can anyone help
  78. Does anyone how many episodes were made for the spinoff "Sanford Arms"?
  79. name of actor
  80. Death of Aunt Esther
  81. What Time Did Aunt esther Die
  82. Does Anyone Know If Sanford And Son Air On Local Station's
  83. What The Cast Of Sanford And Son Doing Today
  84. How Long Has Sanford And Son Been On Hiatus
  85. What Was Sanford Arms
  86. Name of Julio's goat?
  87. How long was Redd Foxx gone during his contractual disputes with the producers?
  88. What Time Did NBC Air Sanford And Son
  89. Did the Show Sanford and Son or any of the cast members ever win an award?
  90. Does Anyone Know What Time TV-Land Will Air Sanford And Son I Hope It Is 11:00 PM Cen
  91. Sanford And Son Time ChangeOn CH 65 In Richmond, VA
  92. Steptoe and Son
  93. Where can I find a episode guide with desciption of each episode for Sanford and Son?
  94. Dvd
  95. Does Anyone Know What Date Sanford And Son Will Returne To The TV-Land Schedule
  96. Characters that should have been taken off the show
  97. Help With Episode Title/Season Aired
  98. Questions i wish i could ask the fictional characters of Sanford and Son
  99. Two Classic Fred Sanford Quotes
  100. Ill Trade
  101. Did Redd Foxx really have a cocaine habit?
  102. Looking to purchase episodes-"A Big Party" and "A Visit From Lena Horne"
  103. Columbia House Video Collection
  104. Did anyone else hate the Lamont Character?
  105. Did Fred SAnford ever visit Grady at his new home-On the spinoff Grady?
  106. Pointless characters on Sanford and Son
  107. Purchase Sanford and Son - Seasons 1-6 on DVD
  108. Sanford & Son Complete 2nd Season on DVD February 4th 2003
  109. Your Favorite Sanford and Son Quotes
  110. Grady's Lady
  111. Sanford & Son Returns to TV Land in January '03
  112. Aunt Esther
  113. I Sure Do
  114. My Favorite Exchange Between Fred And Esther!!!
  115. S&S Season Two DVD coming...
  116. favorite moments
  117. Episodes That They Didn't Show On Video
  118. Recasting "Sanford and Son"
  119. There Are Some Great Sanford and Son Pictures on
  120. Timeslots announced
  121. Sanford Arms had to be the worst sitcom since the invention of TV Sets
  122. What song did Fred sing
  123. Where Are They Now?
  124. please everybody list bad traders
  125. S&S christmas
  126. Sanford & Son Jan 4-5, 2003 Re-Launch Marathon on TV Land episode info.
  127. ?
  128. What was Fred Sanford's home address?
  129. Lamont and Crystal
  130. In the episode-"The Older Woman", why was Fred wearing a neck brace?
  131. Question about Fred's insults toward Rollo being in jail
  132. seasons 3 to 6
  133. The Sanford Arms
  134. Would A Spinoff With Lamont Worked For The 1977-1978 Season????
  135. Why Didn't the Spinoffs Make It???
  136. Lamont's Remark About Harry Belafonte
  137. Ripple
  138. Glasses
  139. A NEW "Sanford and Son"
  140. 2nd Season DVD Cover Pic...
  141. What Did The Guy With The Piano Say???
  142. Skillet & Leroy
  143. ********my Long Tv Show Trade List*********
  144. Aunt Esther's First Appearance Was In "The Big Party" Episode
  145. Sanford
  146. 2nd season on DVD
  147. Hucklebuck/Skillet
  148. Besides this one, what other shows do you like?
  149. Who thinks Sanford was funnier that Sanford and Son?
  150. Sanford Arms?
  151. S&S Theme Song
  152. The Marathon Episodes are ALL mixed up!
  153. "Where Are They Now?" - Demond Wilson
  154. Marathon!!!!
  155. Hawaiian Connection
  156. I found out John Amos from Good Times never guest starred on Sanford and Son
  157. The Rest of S & S will air....
  158. Additional Seasons
  159. Cut/ Uncut episodes
  160. Sanford & Son dialogue error - Bubba Bexley
  161. When did it jump the shark?
  162. Marathon - Missing Episode
  163. I just realized something about Uncle Woody-
  164. champiple
  165. You Must Remember This...
  166. Was Sanford Arms mentioned on the spinoff-Sanford?
  167. Was there any talk of Aunt Esther taking over the Sanford Arms on Sanford and Son?
  168. I wonder why the last season was the only season notin the top ten ratings
  169. Question, What is Rollo's mother's name?
  170. Address change between the shows Sanford And Son and Sanford
  171. windmill picture on sanford & son
  172. Fred`s truck
  173. Lamont's Age and When Fred Came To California
  174. Question About Sanford & Son dvds..
  175. Demond Wilson & Later Episodes...
  176. Grady in a dress
  177. I believe that there no changes at all in the opening and closing credits for S&S
  178. Copyright Year Question...
  179. Sanford and son
  180. Dick Van Dyke
  181. the logo
  182. Interesting note about upcoming episodes...
  183. Allan Drake who played Fred`s white brother in law Rodney
  184. Need help with a quote...
  185. Junk for Sale
  186. Big Money Grift
  187. Phrases that became very very STALE in the later seasons
  188. "Holy-mole"
  189. Rollo The Pimp?
  190. What middle names of Fred G. Sanford made you laugh the most?
  191. Upcoming Episodes - February 2003
  192. New Viewer
  193. when Grady subbed for Fred....
  194. Question about the episode-"Once a Thief?
  195. Un-seen Episodes!!!!!!!
  196. Un-seen Episodes
  197. Un-seen Episodes(good Times)
  198. TV Land Question
  199. Grady Filling In for Redd Episodes...
  200. Funniest Episodes
  201. Question about the episode Surprise Party
  202. TV TO ME Makes A Huge Mistake About Sanford and Son!!!
  203. Redd's daughter
  204. Please help - Sanford House question!!!
  205. Hey
  206. Grady
  207. Watch it suckas!
  208. Anyone Remembers The Beauty Contest Episode With Esther???
  209. Favorite Characters
  210. What is with Lamont's torn jacket?
  211. Grady messing up names
  212. Pictures of Grady in a dress.
  213. Favorite Episodes
  214. Which Friend of Fred did you prefer to see the most? Bubba, Grady or Melvin?
  215. Fred was the funniest when he was in a scene with Rollo, Esther, or Hulio?
  216. Anyone know why Fred, Lamont or Esther was not in the Grady Pilot?
  217. which of of Lamont's friends is ur favorite
  218. What did the G stand for in Fred G Sanford
  219. Sanford and Son DVD Question, Please Reply!
  220. The Tandem Library
  221. A Part About The Piano Movers Episode
  222. Contacting Demond Wilson
  223. Some of MY Favorite Lines..
  224. Elizabeth
  225. Anyone Have Sanford Episodes??
  226. How was Hulio written out of the show?
  227. Lamont and Julio on "All In The Family"
  228. TvLand editing out alot of funny scenes please respond
  229. Sound Clips ????
  230. "Steinberg & Son" Episode
  231. Edited Scenes from Sanford & Son Please Respond
  232. The Song
  233. I think Sanford And Son should be closed Captinoed
  234. sanford and son: third season
  235. Grady (Episodes Without Fred)
  236. Why Did Lamont need a Babysitter at the age of 32?
  237. does any one else think...
  238. the truck
  239. Sanford and Son Question
  240. Where can I get Sanford and son t-shirts
  241. This is what should have happened on Sanford and Son when Fred was in St.Louis
  242. What does G in Fred G Sanford stan for
  243. In my opinion, This was the Funniest scene on Sanford and Son
  244. Who else enjoyed the two guest appearances by Rozelle Gayle on Sanford and Son.
  245. Lamont
  246. I wonder if Reed Foxx and Delmond Wilison watched Sanford and Son
  247. Why I didn't really like the first season of Sanford and Son
  248. Whatever happened to Nathaniel Taylor
  249. Coffins for Sale?
  250. Death of Sanford and Son Guest Star in Feb.