Friday, February 02, 2007

TBS Schedule Change in March, Possibly New Show?;'s New Episode with Ted Lange

TBS will make a minor schedule change starting Friday, March 2. Weekdays at noon (when the movie doesn't go until 12:30), will now be an episode of The Drew Carey Show replacing one of the Home Improvement episodes.
This change will be short lived it seems though. Because staring Monday, March 12, it seems something is coming in the 2-3pm hour that is listed TBD. Could it be another sitcom? We'll know soon, but because of this change 12-2pm will be changed a bit, with NewsRadio moving to 12 noon (so Drew was just for a week or so), The Cosby Show at 12:30pm and a full hour of Steve Harvey Show at 1. So what is coming at 2pm? Will it be a new sitcom? We shall find out soon, and when we do, we'll let you know!

Just My Show kicks of its second season by bringing you the inside word on The Love Boat from your bartender himself, Ted Lange. Plus, Samm Levine looks back on the cult TV hit Freaks and Geeks.
Click here to listen the season premiere, which is the 12th episode of the series.
Congrats to Eric and let's hope he can continue to bring on some great guests!

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