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Broadcast history:

First Telecast: September 15, 1957
Last Telecast: September 25, 1962

Sep 1957-Jun 1959, CBS Sun 7:30-8:00 (OS)
Jun 1959-Sep 1961, NBC Thu 9:00-9:30
Oct 1961-Sep 1962, ABC Thu 8:00-8:30

Total number of episodes: 157


John Forsythe as Bentley Gregg
Noreen Corcoran
as Kelly Gregg
Sammee Tong
as Peter Tong
Bernadette Withers
as Ginger Farrell/Loomis/Mitchell
Jimmy Boyd
as Howard Meechim (1958-1961)
Joan Vohs
as Elaine Meechim (1959)
Del Moore
as Cal Mitchell (1960-1962)
Evelyn Scott
as Adelaide Mitchell (1960-1962)
Victor Sen Yung
as Cousin Charlie Fong (1961-1962)
Aron Kincaid
as Warren Dawson (1962)
Alice Backus
as Vickie (1957-1958)
Shirley Mitchell
as Kitty Deveraux (1958-1959)
Sue Ane Langdon
as Kitty Marsh (1959-1961)
Jeanne Bal
as Suzanne Collins (1961)
Sally Mansfield
as Connie (1961-1962)
Whit Bissell
as Bert Loomis (1959-1961)

Theme Songs:

Download the Bachelor Father theme song
Download the Bachelor Father ending theme song
Download the Bachelor Father 2nd version theme song

Series Summary:

John Forsythe as Bentley Gregg

Bentley Gregg was a wealthy, successful Hollywood attorney, whose clients included many glamorous and available women. He lived with his niece Kelly, his houseboy Peter, and a large shaggy dog named Jasper in posh Beverly Hills. Uncle Bentley had become Kelly's legal guardian after her parents had been killed in an automobile accident when she was 13 years old. Between his large and active law practice, his social life with beautiful women, and the responsibilities of raising a teenage girl. Bentley's time was more than adequately filled. Peter, the helpful but often inscrutable Oriental houseboy, was a jack-of-all trades who ran the Gregg home and was indispensable to his boss.

Kelly was a typical teenager--exuberant and enthusiastic--who at times tried to find a wife for her uncle. During her high school years she had a regular boyfriend, lanky Howard Meechim. Her best friend was Ginger, whose parents and last name were changed twice during the five-year run of the show; only the last set of parents, Cal and Adelaide Mitchell, appeared often enough to be listed as regulars. At the end of the 1960-1961 season, in the last episode aired on NBC, Kelly graduated from high school. Two weeks later, when new episodes began on ABC, she had started college. The following spring brought her truelove, in the person of Warren Dawson, a young lawyer who became Bentley's junior partner and Kelly's fiance'. Bachelor Father concluded its network run at the end of that season, however, so that Kelly and Warren never did get married.

As for Bentley, he may have been an irresistible ladies' man, but he certainly had trouble holding on to a secretary. Five different actresses filled that role in succession: Alice Backus, Shirley Mitchell, Sue Ane Langdon, Jeanne Bal, and Sally Mansfield.

In what would alter become a bit of irony, actress Linda Evans appeared in one episode of Bachelor Father as a girlfriend of Bentley's niece Kelly. Two decades later, on the series Dynasty, she and John Forsythe, who had played Bentley, were man and wife.

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